UK: Latest Terrorist Yet Another Weed Warrior!

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‘When I grow up I’m going to be a terrorist’: As a dope-smoking boy in the suburbs, Sudesh Amman fantasised about killing police and had an ISIS flag in his room… on Sunday he went on knife rampage (after a final mutton biryani from mum)

  • Sudesh Amman, 20, was shot dead as he embarked on Streatham knife rampage
  • He wrote that he wanted to ‘die as a martyr’ under a list of goals found by police
  • Amman boasted that he wanted to play war game Call Of Duty ‘in real life’
  • Former classmates talked of a ‘weird’ loner who was obsessed with knives
  • Mother Haleema Khan described him as a ‘polite boy’ who was ‘always smiling’ 


As a schoolboy, he struck gangster-style poses and vowed to classmates: ‘When I grow up I am going to be a terrorist.’

They thought Sudesh Amman was joking, but he meant it.

On Sunday, the 20-year-old was shot dead as he embarked on the Streatham knife rampage — days after asking his mother to cook his favourite mutton biryani.

It had been Amman’s twisted ambition to ‘die as a martyr’, as he once wrote under the heading Goals In Life, in a notebook found by police.

He was an obsessive online gamer who loved playing violent shoot-’em-ups such as Call Of Duty — even boasting he wanted to play the war game ‘in real life’.

Former classmates in the London suburbs talked of a ‘weird’ loner who was obsessed with knives, constantly smoked marijuana and even claimed that he was carrying around grenades.

Amman spent the days leading up to the stabbing frenzy alone and praying in a bail hostel, having been released early from a terrorism sentence at Belmarsh prison.

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