Totally predictable – Company makes Recreational Marijuana Pitch

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RCowan NORML ‘MedIcal Marijuana’ a Trojan Horse

The ink is barely dry on the New York medi-pot law and people are already plotting to go to the next step of the plan, which is always recreational pot. The predictability of this scenario is a sure bet. Since the end game goal of the pro-pot lobbyists is full recreational use, should it surprise anyone that concessions to the medi-pot people are always followed by an immediate demand for recreational use?

Those states that are passing medical marijuana laws, and then going to the trouble of creating huge government bureaucracies to “regulate medicine” are simply wasting their time and money.

The honest thing to do is for the pro-pot people to state their real goal in the first place, and not waste valuable resources going through the motions of medical pot to reach their goal (and cynically using innocent sick people in the process). Then voters can adequately assess the direction of their state without going through a process that will immediately be obsolete (if the marijuana people get their way).

On the other hand, the stealth mode of the medi-pot campaign is EXACTLY how the pot lobbyists planned to do it in the first place. See the video evidence of this in Richard Cowan’s statement in 1993 (attached). Word to the wise. Monte

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