Slavery Alive and Well – Drug use key element

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“A big role is played by the Vietnamese drug barons who, according to DrugScope, control two-thirds of Britain’s cannabis trade. They use nail salons as brothels and places to launder money raised from the sale of cannabis grown on suburban UK farms. Farms run by slaves.”—30-m_b_4120458.html

Blog Comment – Slavery is alive and well, in fact, doing better than ever before. It was the moral ‘West’ that fought hard to drive down slavery. Now it appears it is the insatiable demands of the immoral or (for the ‘P.C Thugs’ reading this) ‘amoral  West’ that now drives the predicates of this new slave market – Drugs, sex and fashion. Invariably illicit drugs are enmeshed in at least two of these arenas and drugs particularly are used to control and manipulate the most vulnerable.

The hedonistic and utterly self indulgent demands for ‘rights’ to use illicit drugs in such  countries as the USA, UK and Australia, are some of the greatest drivers for social injustice on the planet – Legalising drugs will only release another market to overlay the current illegal one.  A key component of the answer to  this heinous issue, is for the careless and egocentric substances users to actually give more of a damn about their ‘fellow human beings’ than for their own drug use! Ah, yes, but that’s right, it’s hard to make that ‘justice call’ when you’re too busy trying to get ‘high’, yet again!


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