Scotland: Addiction Recovery Hope from a Oft Forgotten Sector

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Scottish churches and Christian groups helped over 2,000 individuals recover from drug addiction, new report shows

07 Jun 2022, by Alex Collett

The Evangelical Alliance together with Serve Scotland have published a new report highlighting how Christians and Churches have been tackling drug addiction across Scotland.

The groups will present the report to the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday.

‘Stories of Hope: addiction recovery’ shows the extraordinary efforts made by Christians in Scotland to assist and care for those in addiction.

With the Scottish Government introducing new policy and funding initiatives to tackle the addiction crisis, the Evangelical Alliance is seeking to promote Christians as an integral force in directing government policy through addiction response services

Within the past decade, over 2,300 individuals have been directly treated and successfully recovered from their addiction through services offered by Christian groups and churches across Scotland.

Fred Drummond, Scottish director from the Evangelical Alliance told Premier Christian News…”Death by addiction, particularly drugs in Scotland is particularly high, probably the highest percentage wise of population in Europe…So, it’s a real challenge for society in Scotland and one that government has been trying to look at.”

“But what we wanted to show was just on the ground, in organisations and churches, community by community, Christians are actively trying to meet the biggest needs of society, believing that light can shine in the darkest places for people.”

The Evangelical Alliance and Serve Scotland noted the high percentage of residential beds for addiction patients offered by Christian groups is 121 out of 418.

Drummond went on to encourage Christians to pray for people who might be struggling with drug addiction, he said: “We’re praying that people feel that there is hope to that they’re connected with or find people offer love and support.

“Also that the light of the power of Jesus can actually break chains, transform people, and see in every community across the UK, lives moving from addiction to recovery, and lives going forward with a sense of purpose and identity and hope.”

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