S.A.M. : DOJ Needs to Hear About Cannabis Chaos & Carnage

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Dear Friend,
By now, you’ve seen the news. The Cole Memo, which has shielded marijuana businesses from accountability, has been rescinded. The marijuana industry is reeling, with its stocks dropping and investors nervous about their future profits.
But this policy change is under attack from Big Pot. They desperately want to see it reversed, and they will stop at nothing to get their addiction-for-profit business model back on track.
The Department of Justice needs to hear from you. Even if you disagree on other matters, they need to hear your stories of how high-potency pot and edibles have harmed you, your family, and your community. Please thank them for taking action to protect public health by rescinding the deeply flawed Cole Memo.
We’ve started the message. We just need you to add your personal story. Please take a few moments to compose your thoughts, then click the link below to get started.
Kevin Sabet
SAM Action

About SAM Action

SAM  Action is a non-profit, 501(c)(4) social welfare organization dedicated to promoting healthy marijuana policies that do not involve legalizing drugs. Learn more about  SAM  Action and its work at visit


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