Michigan: Conned Into Cannabis with Corrupt Censorship?

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NOVEMBER 15, 2018
TV stations pulled anti-legalization ads ahead of
midterm marijuana votes, advocates say

This headline, and the story it describes in Michigan, raises two questions:

  1. Is it ethical for TV stations to pull political ads off the air?
  2. Is it ethical for the ads’ opponents to set up their own “fact-checking” committee as the basis for complaining that the ads are inaccurate?

Will Common Cause intervene?

Marijuana Moment said the ad was pulled for “incorrectly claiming that the initiative would allow for ‘unlimited potency’ cannabis products.”  If that is not true, than the industry will allow regulators to cap the potency at 16% THC, something that hasn’t been allowed in other states.    When Coloradans supported a cap, the marijuana companies bought off the authorized to petition in 2016.   Good luck Michigan.

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol created a ballot initiative in Michigan to legalize marijuana for “recreational” use. Marijuana Policy Project, New Approach PAC, and the Drug Policy Alliance, all national organizations, make up the coalition.  The out-of-state groups sponsored every single initiative to legalize marijuana for either medical or “recreational” use.  Backed by billionaires, they raise lots of money to legalize pot, and leave each state’s taxpayers to clean up their mess.

They have succeeded in convincing Americans that marijuana is a “medicine” that cures or relieves some 65 different conditions. They tell teens it is “not addictive,” is “safer than alcohol,” along other of  “facts” that are  lies.

So, it is no small irony that the Coalition has set itself up as a reliable “fact” checker to attack Michigan citizens.  The opposition was only trying to prevent the legalization of an addictive, harmful drug in their state.

A sad time for Michigan

Did the subterfuge work?  Yep. Michigan passed legalization by a vote of 2,346,713 to 1,851,679 (55.9% vs 44.1%).

Michigan already has a stoned driver problem, more than most states. Since law enforcement does not have good detection methods, this problem will only get worse with legalization.

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