Let’s Unleash Another Sanctioned Toxin into the Culture – Legalize Weed???

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Let’s not let facts get in the way of a good propaganda juggernaut!

The ‘War on Drugs Has Failed’ mantra, like all well-worn memes got traction, and whilst there may be a modicum of truth in some cultural contexts, for most of the western world, there has been no ‘war on drugs’ – In reality, the last 10 years we have seen an ever increasing ramping up with a War FOR Drugs!

Decriminalization, Legalization and/or Medicalization are all aims and outcomes of pro-drug advocates and their ‘normalization’ agenda.

Time in this post will not permit a complete foray into this long standing and relentless strategy, and who is behind it, suffice to say these actors are key proponents…

More than that, it is important to remember when manipulating a culture, relentless bombardment with propaganda is only one aspect of a culture seducing or intimidating action. Another core strategy is the ignoring, denying or rewriting of history to suit the new narrative. When it comes to legal drug use we need to take a long hard look at what has been.

The following clip is just one short foray into that dark history, of a legalisation experiment that was run and done, and with awful consequences – The current opioid crisis is a ‘pharmaceutical’ version of an opiate industry that crippled one entire nation and made another rich. When it comes to the addiction for profit sector, a small group reap all financial benefits, whilst the majority either suffer the harms of drug use, or have to carry the fiscal burden for the inevitable and growing short and long-term harms.

The current Cannabis Industry cash grab and the ensuing chaos unleashed onto the largely pot-propaganda blind-sided public, has been disturbing to say the least. The idea that legalizing this so utterly ‘unnatural’ product was going to reduce crime, make money, and not increase social, community of health harms was a fairy tale sold as ‘reality’ to the unwitting majority non-drug using public.

Co-Founder & President of Smart Approaches to Marijuana shares some insights into just a couple of the key issues of deep concern surrounding the legalization push in the following video vignettes.

Kevin hits one of the classis ‘old chestnuts’ of the juxtapose between alcohol and weed – the notion that parity needs to be created, ‘because alcohol is legal, why not weed?’ Again, the through answer to that poorly thought through suggestion is long, but the following snapshot gives us all a clear answer as to why that is a bad idea – unless of course you’re living in the SMOKESCREEN of toxic Cannabinoid Combustion.

If #ScienceMatters and you want to get facts, not the pot-propaganda, then you can’t use ‘stoner logic’, you must use non-intoxicated reason and diligence to find what is best-practice for your children, family and community.

Team @ Dont Legalize Drugs