Legalize Cannabis and Stop the Black Market! One more time for the Fraudulent Pot Prognosticators

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DCC breaks $1 billion mark in amount of illegal cannabis seized just over a year after consolidation

Aug 25, 2022

Recent enforcement activities in Los Angeles and Riverside Counties have officially pushed the Department of Cannabis Control over the $1 billion mark for illegal cannabis seized from illicit operations.  

This important milestone was reached through close collaboration with local, state, and federal partners and furthers California’s efforts to go after activities that harm communities and the environment, including water theft, threats of violence, elder abuse, and human trafficking to name a few. These operations and the products they produce threaten consumer safety and the vitality of legal and compliant licensees.  

Over the last 13 months, the Department’s law enforcement team has led and assisted other agencies in the service of 232 search warrants, seized more than half a million pounds of illegal product, and eradicated over 1.4 million cannabis plants. This effort has removed more than $1 billion worth of potentially harmful and often untested cannabis products from the market and eliminated 120 illegal firearms from the hands of criminal enterprises. The team has also recovered $2.3 million in illegally obtained assets.  

These enforcement activities are important in eliminating unfair competition, protecting natural resources, and safeguarding our communities. However, this represents only one part of California’s larger strategy to help create a safe, sustainable, and equitable legal cannabis market. (For more – Department of Cannabis Control)

So, now we are ‘lauding ‘enforcement’!

Hmmm, only just prior to unleashing this insanity, the pot-profit-prognosticators were decrying the ‘insane wastefulness’ of enforcing ‘stupid’ laws against cannabis users, but now?

One could write an essay on the hypocrisy, fabrication, prevarication and bald face lies of this #addiction for profit #cannabisindustry, but this latest iteration of #ReeferMadness will blind all marijuana sycophants to the reality of this human, environmental and fiscal wrecking ball.

This culture destroying experiment is only going to bring more grief, especially as dependency grows; and along with the growing evidence-revealed genotoxicity of this #Weed our culture is going to suffer for decades to come.

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