HOLLAND: Sue Tobacco Industry for Harms – Unleash Cannabis for ‘health’??

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By Janene Pieters on February 6, 2018

The Dutch Network for Addiction Care, an umbrella organization for various organizations dealing with addiction, is joining a major lawsuit against the tobacco industry. “The cigarette is a criminal product and all ‘dealers’ must be dealt with. This product is so harmful. It’s unbelievable that it is just in the supermarket”, spokesperson Robert van de Graaf of the network said to AD.

Lawyer Benedicte Ficq is handling this lawsuit, which is now supported by the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam, the University Medical Center in Groningen, a number of lung cancer patients, cancer association KWF and various civil society organizations.

The parties involved in the lawsuit are accusing the four large tobacco producers in the Netherlands of aggravated assault with death as result. It is now up to the Public Prosecution Service to decide whether or not the tobacco companies can be prosecuted. Last week Marieke van der Molen of the Public Prosecution Service could not tell AD when the decision will be made. “This is legally a very complex case.”

Annually around 20 thousand people in the Netherlands die as a result of smoking, according to

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Sooooo wait on, you did all catch that right?  No sure what I’m talking about? Ok, once more into the realm of cognitive/policy dissonance… “The cigarette is a criminal product and all ‘dealers’ must be dealt with. This product is so harmful. It’s unbelievable that it is just in the supermarket”… This is coming out of the same country that gave us ‘pot shops/cannabis cafes’?

Right now, Big Marijuana (Big Tobacco 2.0) is going to foist an even worse public health crisis on our societies when it gets its way!  Stopping it before it goes any further would be best practice… but hey, we only seem to consider ‘best practice’ after the catastrophe of ‘permission’ unleashes the damage, and the burden of disease outstrips the ‘revenues’ from the product!

Who are the well-paid clowns who are overseeing drug and health policy chaos and ultimate crisis???

One thing is for certain, job security for allied health care is one ‘postivie’ outcome of bad drug policy management…. Ah, but who will fund these well-paid health positions in the financial ‘black hole’ that is ‘health care’?   I know! We’ll sue the growers and manufacturers of the life, health, and family destroying product!

And around we go again!!!!

Let’s get smarter now


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