Global: Time to ‘Blow Away’ the Weed Smokescreen and See!

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This remarkable and must see documentary goes a long way to ‘blowing away’ the seemingly blinding smokescreen of Pot Propaganda.

The pro-pot pundits produce spin and project profit as an attempt to pitch pot as relatively benign. The truth, however, is beyond concerning – it is distressing.

Anyone, not least law and policy makers – those charged with protecting the health, well-being and productivity of a nations citizens – must watch and re-watch this important primer.

The evidence-based research on the inherent physical, psychological, environmental, familial, economic and emotional harms of this recklessly purveyed malignant substance are staggering in breadth and overwhelming in condemnation…. However, the ‘smokescreen’ set in play by the addiction for profit industry, will keep most blind to the egregious realities of normalized and commercialized Weed use.

Watch it now and pass it on!

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