GLOBAL: Papa’s Pot Play Puts Pregnancy in Peril (This is a Male Issue!)

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Male Marijuana Use Might Double the Risk of Partner’s Miscarriage

BU researcher finds that miscarriages are more likely when the father uses marijuana weekly – If a man habitually uses marijuana even as little as once a week, could that increase the risk of his partner experiencing a miscarriage in early pregnancy? A first-of-its-kind study suggests so.

By analyzing more than six years of lifestyle and behavioral data from 1,535 heterosexual couples actively trying to conceive, Boston University School of Public Health researcher Alyssa Harlow discovered that for men who use marijuana one or more times a week, their partner is twice as likely to miscarry than the partners of men who use marijuana less than once a week or not at all. The link persisted even after Harlow accounted for whether or not the men’s partners used marijuana themselves.

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