Global: I’m In-charge – I’m Stoned – But I don’t Know I’m Affected!

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Recent cannabis use tied to memory deficits, slowed mental processing

People who have recently used cannabis may be more likely to experience memory deficits or difficulties with cognitive function than those who don’t use the drug, a recent study suggests…cannabis users might have short-term impairments that aren’t easy to spot but could be dangerous in certain situations, said Mary-Ann Fitzcharles, a researcher at McGill University, in Montreal. That’s because the deficits aren’t verbal; they relate more to visual and spatial skills.

“The impairment is therefore assessed as being in the visuospatial domain which is not easily perceived to be an impairment by an individual,” Fitzcharles added. “For example, persons may believe that they are perfectly competent to drive a car, operate a crane, or respond quickly in an unexpected situation after cannabis use, but in fact are impaired and at risk.”

SOURCE: Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, online June 27, 2019.  (For complete article go to In charge, but Stoned –  VancouverSun!


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