Global: Cannabis as ‘medicine’ – “little more than a placebo!”

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Cannabis does more harm than good: Health officials warn doctors against prescribing the drug for ailments as the effects outweigh the minor benefits

  • New medical guidelines have been issued in Canada, where cannabis is legal
  • They warn the effects of the drug to outweigh minor benefits for most conditions
  • And for some, it states it most often is only marginally better than a placebo
  • The new document will be distributed to 30,000 doctors in Canada

New medical guidelines issued in Canada, where cannabis has been legal for medicinal use since 2001, warns that the effects of the drug outweigh any minor benefits for the vast majority of conditions.

And in the few conditions where it can be helpful – for example as pain relief for multiple sclerosis – the impact is only marginally better than placebo.

The document, published in the Canadian Family Physician journal, warns doctors to ‘take a sober second thought’ before prescribing the drug.

By Ben Spencer Medical Correspondent For The Daily Mail PUBLISHED: 07:00 AEDT, 16 February 2018 Read more:

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