Global: Ah, Just in Time – Some Actually Honest Reflections on Weed! #420Life

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WhoaDude-the-book — Harmful Health effects of Cannabis (

Do you or does someone close to you smoke Weed or use Cannabis products? Are you wondering about the down side, about the health risks?

With the rush to legalize marijuana, it has been lost in the haze that marijuana is a psychoactive drug. A drug that can lead to serious health problems in some people, not everybody. Most vulnerable are adolescents, young adults, and pregnant women, but heavy or chronic use of Weed can also lead to dependence and health complications for people at all ages. Be informed, what you don’t know can hurt you.

About the Author

Kevin G. Becker received a Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1989 in Molecular Biology and Genetics. He spent 30 years as a scientist in the Intramural Research Program of the U.S. National Institutes of Health. This included postdoctoral fellowships at the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development, Neurological Diseases and Stroke, and The National Human Genome Research Institute. He was a Staff Scientist at the National Institute on Aging for over 20 years. He has published on a broad range of topics including aging, autoimmune disease including multiple sclerosis, autism, bioinformatics, gene expression, genetics, immunity, metabolism and neuroscience. At the NIA he often collaborated with investigators from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. He is an author or co-author on over 300 peer reviewed scientific publications. To get the book, Click Here


And for a poignant Pot post-mortem….