Federal enforcement to stop the implementation of Prop 64 and MMRSA. (Open Letter)

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Take Back America Campaign

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September 5, 2017

Phil Talbert – US Attorney                             By Fax (916) 554 2900

Eastern District — California

(916) 554 2900 Fax  (916) 554-2700 Phone

Dear Phil:

It has been two months since I/we requested a personal meeting to discuss the dire need for federal enforcement to stop the implementation of Prop 64 and MMRSA. Since obviously, you are busy, as are we, I want to summarize our request and ask that you pass it up the line to the AG Sessions, and in turn to the President and Cabinet.

1)      There are public health reasons to enjoin the implementation of both Prop 64 and MMRSA (Medial Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act).  Had the general public been informed that marijuana causes permanent brain damage, psychosis, mental illness, addiction, cardiovascular problems, cancer, birth defects, DNA damage that can affect offspring four generations out and more, in all likelihood the outcome would have been different. The legislative analysis for Prop 64 stated:

“…Although research on the health effects of marijuana use is limited, there is some evidence that smoking marijuana has harmful effect….”

That is frankly a joke, with criminal intent.  There are over 27,000 research projects on file showing enormous harm to vital organs dating back to the 60s, when the potency of pot was only ½ to 2%.  Now that smoked marijuana is in the 25 to 30% range, edibles 50 to 70% and waxes and oils used in vaping as high as 98%, the human impacts have increased proportionally.  By allowing states to legalize pot for any reason, current and future generations are being destroyed, as are our communities and natural resources.

The most important responsibility of elected officials at all levels is public health and safety. Owing to the lack of federal or state enforcement, the burden has fallen almost entirely on local law enforcement, who are overwhelmed, and the general public. We shouldn’t have to bear that burden.

2)      While AG Sessions obviously understands this problem, we are concerned that neither the President nor Congress understands the dangers of marijuana.  It is the first drug used by the vast majority of those who die by opioid and heroin overdose.  To reduce the overdose problem you have to start by preventing the onset of marijuana use.  That requires education, random and suspicion based drug testing, Student Assistance Programs and proper utilization of the massive funds given to SAMHSA and others.  Many of us have been on the front lines of this battle for decades, and believe we can help …. if given an audience.  To that end, we respectively request a visit by the President or his staff on a listening tour.  We are prepared to go to the Capital as well, if necessary.

3)      If California is to have a future, federal law must be enforced immediately.  We have less than 4 months before Prop 64 will allow 6 plants in any house, and “medical marijuana” will be commercialized throughout the State.  The state and some local communities are planning their economic future taxing and laundering marijuana drug money on the backs of the people.  There is no justification for rewarding them for violating federal law. Withholding federal funds is an easy fix, and justified. It doesn’t burden limited resources.  Recovering the estimated billion dollars already collected is in order.  Private cultivation and dispensaries must be banned.  FEDERAL LAW MUST BE ENFORCED.

Addiction, mental illness, and death from alcohol and drugs impact one-third of America families.  The diminished work force, homeless problem, academic failure, mental illness, crime, traffic deaths, physical harms and enormous welfare costs, et al., inflict more human and economic terms than all problems facing this nation.  It is time to establish federal policy that reverses the damage down in the last eight years.   The President must make that a priority.


Roger Morgan


Take Back America Campaign

(Published by Permission)




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