Fast Facts on Injecting Rooms:

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“Fast Facts on Injecting Rooms:
1. there has a been a dramatic decrease in drug deaths from before the opening of the injecting room due to the ‘heroin drought’ from John Howard’s crackdown on the drug industry and enforcement of laws stopping drug dealing that went on unhindered.
2.In Sydney there would be some 40,000 injections/day (20,000 heroin addicts injecting twice): only 160 injections/day in the injecting room (their figures); 60% are morphine (0.06 of 1% heroin injection in Sydney).
3. At least 99.6% of all addicts still inject where and when they can and not in the injecting room.The injecting room makes a mockery of drug laws and is a part of the campaign to decriminalise or legalise drug use. Check the facts and not support this propaganda.”

Dr Ross Colquhoun, D H Sc, M App Sc (Neuroscience), B Sc Hons (Psych), Grad Dip Counselling and Psychotherapy, Clinical Director, Addiction Treatment and Psychology Services

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