DRUG FREE AMERICA: Celebrating a True Community Champion – Calvina Fay!

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Calvina Fay Announces her retirement from Drug Free America Foundation

For Immediate Release

St. Petersburg, FL — Thursday, April 26, 2018- Calvina Fay, Executive Director of Drug Free America Foundation announced at Wednesday night’s Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards Gala that she will be retiring at the end of the month. Fay has been executive director of the organization for twenty years and a drug prevention advocate for over thirty-five years.

As Calvina Fay steps down as executive director, she does so after a distinguished career in drug prevention that few can match. “Under Calvina Fay’s leadership, Drug Free America has had a profound impact in Florida, in the United States and throughout the world,” according to Betty Sembler, founder of Drug Free America Foundation.

In her remarks, Fay thanked everyone for their support throughout the years and encouraged them to continue the fight. “Drug Free America Foundation has left an enormous footprint on the effort to combat substance abuse, and I know through our shared commitment this organization will continue to lead the way,” Fay said. “Without the efforts of this organization, I am convinced that schedule one drugs like heroin, LSD, PCP and marijuana would be legal, and the number of young people using these illicit drugs would be far greater,” she added.

In addition to her work with Drug Free America Foundation, Fay was a founding board member of Save Our Society from Drugs (S.O.S.) and was president of Drug Watch International, a network engaged in combating the drug legalization movement globally. She has served as an advisor to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy as well as several political leaders, including President George W. Bush, on drug policy issues.

Fay is considered a pioneering expert on workplace drug abuse prevention programs. She has authored several books, including The Supervisor’s Handbook for Preventing Drug Abuse in the Workplace and Starting a Drug Free Business Initiative, as well as numerous newsletters and publications in the field on regional and national levels. She was the managing editor and co-author of A Report on Employer Attitudes and the Impact of Drug Control Strategies on Workplace Productivity. She also served as the managing editor of a monograph titled Drug Abuse in the Decade of the Brain.

Fay also holds a master’s degree in business administration and has built and sold two successful businesses. She has taught at a number of universities including Argentina’s Universidad del Salvador, where she was named an honorary professor.

Fay expressed her optimism that the momentum will continue and increase under new leadership. “Amy Ronshausen, the incoming executive director, shares my passion for this mission. I have been privileged to have her by my side for the past 10 years, and this organization is fortunate to have her as its next leader,” Fay concluded.


“We here at ‘DONT LEGALIZE DRUGS’ are very sorry to see a wonderful champion for best practice drug policy advocacy, step back.

Calvina’s commitment and contribution to the health and well-being of our society has been stellar and rarely equaled. We want to thank her and her family for their superlative dedication and remarkable impact and legacy!

She will be missed – But not forgotten!”



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