Dear Stakeholder

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Dear Stakeholder:

Thank you for your recent email.  The passage of marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington remains under legal review by the Department of Justice.  However, our Federal laws prohibiting the use, production, and trafficking of marijuana remain unchanged.  To be clear:  the Obama Administration opposes the legalization of drugs because it runs counter to public health and safety).  Marijuana remains a Schedule I drug per the Controlled Substances Act.  Marijuana is illegal because research shows that increased drug use and availability negatively impacts our families, schools, our economy, and places obstacles in the way of raising healthy and safe young people.

ONDCP has received many inquiries in recent months requesting information on how individuals or organizations can educate their communities about the consequences of marijuana use.  As part of our efforts to help you prevent drug use among young people and provide evidenced-based information, please visit our online Marijuana Information Resource Center.  This toolkit includes Frequently Asked Questions about marijuana, a fact sheet, and up-to-date information on State laws pertaining to marijuana. You can find the toolkit at

Thank you for the work that you do to keep your communities safe, healthy and drug-free,

ONDCP Office of Intergovernmental and Public Liaison

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