D.F.A.F. Media Release on Amendment 2’s Defeat in Florida

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November 4, 2014     CONTACT: Ryan Duffy    (202) 431-976

Statement by Drug Free America Foundation Executive Director Calvina Fay Regarding Amendment 2’s Defeat in Florida

St. Petersburg, FL — Following the rejection of Amendment 2 by Florida voters, Drug Free America Foundation Executive Director Calvina Fay today released the following statement:

“Today, the people of Florida strongly and wisely rejected efforts to make Florida the next front in the push to legalize marijuana nationwide.  I am proud that Florida voters saw this amendment for what it really was: a backdoor entrance for the full legalization of marijuana.

Efforts to defeat this amendment united a wide coalition of Florida’s sheriffs, medical professionals, parents, teenagers, faith-based and pro-family groups, and many other concerned citizens.  We are grateful for the time and energy they invested to educate voters and set the record straight on why Amendment 2 would have put Florida’s future in jeopardy.

The people of Florida have spoken.  By rejecting this misguided amendment, they chose to safeguard our communities and ensure a safer and more prosperous future.”

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Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. is a national and international drug policy organization promoting effective and sound drug policies, education and prevention. For more information on Drug Free America Foundation, please visit, follow us on Twitter @DrugFreeAmerica and like DFAF on Facebook.

The Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot coalition is a collective effort of more than 100 local and state organizations to educate Floridians on the dangers of marijuana. From law enforcement to substance abuse groups, the coalition is working statewide to ensure public safety and the future of our youth.


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