Colorado: Tobacco is EVIL! Cannabis Smoke is GOOD????

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CONTACT: Luke Niforatos [email protected]303-335-7584

Colorado Legislature Passes Bill Exempting Pot Industry from Clean Indoor Air Act

Bill would allow marijuana smoking in hotels a

nd restaurants

(Denver, CO) – Yesterday, the Colorado legislature sent a bill to Governor Jared Polis’ desk that would allow the pot industry to set up social consumption sites in hotels, restaurants and other indoor areas. These sites would be exempt from the Clean Indoor Air Act. Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) Senior Policy Advisor and Marijuana Accountability Coalition (MAC) spokesperson Luke Niforatos released the following statement:

“Exempting the pot industry and smoking marijuana from the Clean Indoor Air Act would effectively take the state of Colorado back to the early 1900s. Didn’t we all learn how bad it was to have smoking in airplanes, restaurants, and buses? Governor Jared Polis should consider the terrible lessons we learned from Big Tobacco and its widespread public health carnage and veto this unconscionable bill. Second hand marijuana smoke and second hand tobacco smoke both bring similar health harms, as the American Lung Association tells us.”

About MAC: The Marijuana Accountability Coalition (MAC) is a coalition made up of individuals and organizations united for one common purpose: to fearlessly investigate, expose, challenge, and hold the marijuana industry accountable. If you care about the future of Colorado and holding Big Tobacco 2.0 (The Marijuana Industry) accountable, please join us.

About SAM: Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) is a nonpartisan, non-profit alliance of physicians, policy makers, prevention workers, treatment and recovery professionals, scientists, and other concerned citizens opposed to marijuana legalization who want health and scientific evidence to guide marijuana policies. SAM has affiliates in more than 30 states.


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