Colorado: Some Sanity Still Stands

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Colorado Springs mayor, military brass stand strong against pot

The Gazette editorial board Dec 13, 2018

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Despite a masterful and well-funded public relations campaign, reminiscent of Big Tobacco’s old lies, marijuana is not harmless. Military leaders and Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers deserve credit for standing their ground against acceptance of this drug.

When hearing the mantra that marijuana may as well be coffee or tea, consider the case of Richard Kirk. The father of three with no prior criminal history insists a marijuana hallucination caused him to kill his wife with a gun four years ago. He will spend the next three decades prison.

Consider 19-year-old African exchange student Levy Thamba Pongi. He jumped to his death from a Denver Holiday Inn balcony after eating a pot-laced cookie. Pongi traveled to Denver from Wyoming to try pot. The autopsy report lists marijuana intoxication as a “significant contributing factor” in his death.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied Pongi’s case and explained how “studies have suggested an association between cannabis and psychological disturbances.”

Media, the Colorado Department of Transportation and law enforcement all report sharp increases in traffic fatalities involving marijuana intoxication since legalization took effect in 2013.

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