Cocaine ‘rapidly changes the brain’

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Taking cocaine can change the structure of the brain within hours – we’ll so was the opening line in this recent article on the impact of Cocaine on brain neuro-physiology

The article went on disclose that “Experts described it as the brain “learning addiction””.

Based on this emerging evidence, it becomes even more clear why dealers continue to push ‘Coke’ as the new ‘red wine’ of the pseudo socio-sophisticates. It’s the A.T.S that not only gives you a so called ‘pick me up’, or conveniently  ‘masks’ the impact of depressants, but most importantly for the trafficker of the Non-communicable Disease (NCD) known as ‘drug dependency’, it teaches the user’s brain to ‘pursue’ the NCD. It’s the ‘gift that just keeps on giving’, but to who?  Certainly it is no ‘gift’ for the hapless user. In this case the old axiom rings very true; ‘The user ALWAYS pays’ – and sadly with more than, money as the following clip humorously, yet very cleverly reveals… 25th August 2013 By James Gallagher, Health and Science Reporter, BBC News

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