Cocaine Nation – The Addiction for Profit Model

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Who is really running drug policy?

Four Corners barely uncovers what most in the prevention sector already know…

“We’ve sold to football players, professional athletes, lawyers, celebrities on TV, people in the media, surgeons, doctors, nurses…It’s so ubiquitous, even those meant to be upholding the law are using cocaine. I’ve personally seen judges take it with a glass of single malt.”

‘As Australia’s appetite for cocaine grows, dealers and traffickers like Jason are getting on with the business of meeting that demand.’

 This is the reason why we are having a War FOR Drugs! Many of those best suited to create and model a safer, healthier and more ethically sound society are the ones pretending they are above such practices and can ‘play’ in the shadows – but want to be able to come out of those shadows and use with impunity. Change the laws and you get your wish – to hell with the consequences for children, families and communities.

Demand Reduction is the imperative, but all ‘permission models’ do is increase demand!

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