Canada: Trudeau didn’t take on tobacco – But Let Weed off the Leash!!

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Trudeau didn’t take on tobacco!

In its March 1 judgment, the Quebec Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the Quebec Superior Court in the class-action against three major tobacco companies, who now must pay $17 billion to $18 billion to the Quebec government. With this spectacular victory, it is likely other provinces and territories will win legal battles against Big Tobacco.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose to champion legalization of smoked marijuana products instead of taking on tobacco. Under his leadership, this country’s top anti-tobacco agencies have had to close their doors, fire staff and stop their important work due to a lack of federal funding while tobacco products remain the No. 1 cause of preventable, premature death and the biggest single cost to our health care system.

Tackling tobacco is a worthy and important cause that should be supported by all levels of government. The federal government is sitting on the sidelines of what is the biggest victory against the tobacco industry in Canadian history and Quebec deserved all the glory.

Pamela McColl, Vancouver


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