Canada: Legalizing Marijuana Addiction! Another Iteration of ‘Reefer Madness’?

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Cannabis addiction rising in Canada and worldwide thanks to higher THC concentration

Author of the article: Postmedia News  Published: Aug 06, 2022

Already the second-most-commonly used substance in Canada, Cannabis usage went up following its legalization and then again during the first stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And the combination of increased usage and higher concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is leading to more people getting addicted to cannabis, according to a new study.

It was long thought that, unlike many other drugs, one could not get addicted to cannabis – but that’s not the case.

“Contrary to popular belief, people can become addicted to cannabis,” according to “Continued, frequent and heavy cannabis use can cause physical dependency and addiction.

“Cannabis addiction can cause serious harm to your health, social life,  school work,  work and financial future,” adds.

And higher concentrations of THC (over 10 milligrams per gram of THC) are increasing the number of those addicted, which also leads to more people becoming more likely to experience mental health outcomes, according to the study published last week in the journal Lancet Psychiatry.

“One of the highest quality studies included in our publication found that use of high potency cannabis, compared to low potency cannabis (5 milligrams of THC or below), was linked to a four-fold increased risk of addiction,” study coauthor Tom Freeman, a senior lecturer in the department of psychology and director of the addiction and mental health group at the University of Bath in the United Kingdom, told CNN.

Similarly, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) said in Jan. 2021 that cannabis consumption was up in Canada. They also discussed the negatives of potentially becoming addicted.

“We know that regular use of cannabis leads to greater health problems, addiction and other mental health disorders,” senior author Dr. Tara Elton-Marshall, Independent Scientist, Institute for Mental Health Policy Research at CAMH, said at the time. “Seeing a sustained increase in cannabis use during the first wave of the pandemic is a concern.”

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