CANADA: Cannabis For Children – Trudeau’s Cannabis Chaos Continues

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Justin Trudeau is on verge of legalizing pot for 12-year-olds


OTTAWA, February 13, 2018 – A pro-family group has blasted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bill legalizing recreational cannabis as “monstrous” and a “devastating attack” on society and families, and is urging Canadians to lobby the Senate to reject the legislation.

Most egregiously, Bill C-45 or the Cannabis Bill, poses significant risks for children, REAL Women of Canada vice president Gwen Landolt said in a critique posted on the group’s website.

The Liberal bill allows children over age 11 to “freely possess, use, and even share marijuana up to five grams [10 joints] at a time,” she pointed out.

“There is absolutely no recourse if a minor is seen carrying, using, or handing out marijuana,” wrote Landolt. “A child can literally take ten joints from his parents’ stash, hand it out to his friends, go back home, take another ten, hand them out and keep doing it as often as he wants. This will deeply affect school environments and our neighbourhoods.”

Bill C-45 also allows individuals over age 17 to buy and possess marijuana “in any amount. It only restricts its public use (and sharing) to 30 grams at a time (equal to 60 joints).” The bill also lets Canadians grow up to four cannabis plants in their home, Landolt noted.

Trudeau promised during his campaign he would legalize recreational pot. He toldHuffington Post Canada in 2013 he smoked marijuana about five or six times in his life, with the last time about two years after being elected a Member of Parliament in 2008.

Trudeau said in April 2017 that his younger brother Michel had been charged with possession of marijuana six months before he was killed in an avalanche in 1998, and that their father, former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, used his influence to “make those charges go away,” according to a Guardian report.

In late November, the Liberals invoked time allocations on the final vote in the House of Commons on Bill C-45, over protests by Conservatives.

But the bill has since stalled in the Senate, potentially delaying the Liberal goal of fully implementing it by July, the Globe and Mail reported last week.

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