Canada: Cannabis Consumption Up with Permission Model in Place! Who Knew?

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Cannabis Consumption on the Rise With Canadians Since Legalization

March, 2019

Vancouver, BC — According to a new study called “The Future of Cannabis in Canada” conducted by Insights West for Resonance Consultancy in partnership with Valens GroWorks, there has been a Canadian-wide increase in Cannabis consumption since legalization and strong future demand for edibles. However, the black and grey market for buying still dominates legal cannabis economy, at least for the time being.

According to our research, the market has grown considerably for cannabis consumption overall given the number of existing users who have increased their consumption levels and the number of new users coming on steam since legalization. Nearly one quarter (23%) of the general Canadian adult 19+ population has consumed cannabis in any shape or form since legalization, a full 16% of cannabis users report an increase in consumption since that day, and 5% are new cannabis users. A smaller percentage (9%) report lower consumption and about 70% of cannabis users report no difference in consumption levels.

Cannabis is currently being consumed in a variety of ways and situations for Canadians. Although the most prevalent form of cannabis consumed by cannabis users is still smoking it in a joint, we also see growing trends of consuming cannabis through newer methods such as edibles, vaping, oils, and in drinks. More than two-thirds (68%) of past-year cannabis users consume cannabis by smoking a joint, with 36% of them stating it is their regular choice of consumption, followed by 32% who say “occasionally”. Despite not being legal yet, edibles are next highest on the list, with 36% using this method of consumption on a regular/occasional basis. Vaping and oils are lower on the list at 30% and 27% respectively.  A further 10% say they consume cannabis in drinkables on a regular/occasional basis.

There are a wide variety of consumption scenarios for cannabis users across the country.  Most cannabis users regularly or occasionally consume cannabis in their own home (72%), and 67% of cannabis users consume it with friends. Interestingly, cannabis consumers are more likely to consume while alone (63% stated regularly or occasionally) compared to at a party (56% regularly or occasionally). Worryingly, 16% of cannabis users have consumed cannabis while driving or while in a motor vehicle, with 9% stating regularly or occasionally.

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