California: Cannabis Chaos -Three Weed Markets & Harms Grow – Revenue Doesn’t!

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CA Prop 64 Has Failed So Badly
The State Now Finds It Necessary
To Advertise For Pot Drug Dealers

This is California Cannabis” is designed to promote the state’s legal cannabis cultivation market and raise awareness of the support and guidance offered to licensed cannabis growers by CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing, a division of the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Virtually every Prop 64 promise made to CA voters have been broken or unfilled.

“Under Prop 64 the state promised to make the pot and our kids safer with regulations and education on the harms of pot use for kids. The only advertising they are doing is for the pot drug dealers. Governor Gavin Newsome, chief cook and bottle washer for the pot industry, continues to pay off pot industry doners and is desperate to have his failed Prop 64 experiment look like a success.” -Scott Chipman (VP of AALM)

“A giant flaw in the marketing scheme is that it advertises a harmful product that is readily available on the black market and at lower prices. We call on federal enforcement of CSA for advertising, to cut off federal funds to CA to stop the harms to restore some sanity to drug policy in the country’s most populous state and the state with the greatest number of children.” Carla Lowe (President of AALM)

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