Australia: Hijacked Drug Policy – Good Business for Cartels!

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Australia is the best market in the world for cocaine and meth and is being targeted by El Chapo’s Mexican cartel, warn American police

  • Australia is being targeted by Mexican cartels as the best market for drugs
  • The country’s ties to cartels were exposed after 1.7 tonnes of ice were seized
  • Record-breaking drug haul were concealed in loudspeakers from United States
  • Detectives found links to the cartels and Australian bikie gangs after the bust

‘If you were to ask any significant trafficker what is the best market for meth and coke in the world, they would say Australia and New Zealand,’ DEA Pacific attache Kevin Merkel told NZME.

‘The same people that are pumping drugs out to the United States are the same ones pumping out drugs here.

‘If they see potential to make more money, they’re going to do it.’

Australia’s ties to Mexican cartels were exposed after 1.7 tonnes of ice with a street value of $1.3 billion were bound to the country from the US in February.

The record-breaking drug haul was concealed in metal boxes labelled as loudspeakers – and six people were arrested after it was found.

The tsunami of ice was initially seized at the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex in mid-January, along with 55.9 pounds of cocaine and 11.5 pounds of heroin.

Australian Federal Police (AFP), the US Department of Homeland Security and the DEA found links between Mexican cartels and Australian bikie gangs.

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(Defacto Decriminalisation – Drug use normalisation mantras and hijacking of Harm Reduction mechanisms to sustain and even promote drug use, all add to the demand! It’s what happens when drug users dictate drug policy interpretation!)


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