New book on Drugs and Human Rights

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DRUGS & HUMAN RIGHTSBrazilian Association of Writers and Journalists, speaking about our new book: Drugs and Human Rights. The book, with the encouragement and support of the Stockholm Carnegie Institute, the Mariten Institute and BRAHA, was co-edited by me and my Argentinian colleague from Cordoba, Luis Viale, a specialist drug prevention with youth at risk.

The other co-authors, besides the two already mentioned, are very well known  people in their specific fields such as Manuel Pinto Coelho from Portugal (our colleague at DWI and the WFAD), Padre Pepe (a renown Catholic priest who works in the slums of Argentina with youth in danger), the daring and effective Rio de Janeiro State Security Secretary, the Head of the DARE Program in México, a specialist in Human Rights, Saúl Takahashi , Miguel Angel Dahbar, a member of the Córdoba Science Academy  who directed for many  years an excellent Institute at the University on Drug Prevention of addictions, etc.

The book (already the fifth of our informal collection), edited in Spanish is intended (as the others too) for the regular citizen, in simple language, and short chapters, shows some of the absurd  inconsistencies there are many times, when dealing with this subject, between what is said and what happens in practice.

Mina Seinfeld de Carakushansky



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